After looking at Sascha’s art, you will see her choice of colors, attention to details, and exceptional creativity give life to her art.

Sascha loves to see the real scenery and portray each and every detail into her artworks. Creating bold, vivid colored pieces with thick, large volume strokes painted onto the canvas surface.

Sascha has always focused on her artistry skills. From childhood to college, she followed her dream of becoming an artist. The love of Sascha is nature; she loves to copy the beauty of nature and express her own feelings and gratitude of this in her unique, modern artworks. She knows how to bring life to art.

Sascha engages you through her art. Although she likes to paint nature, she also has an interest in other types of paintings and art. She is a versatile artist and does everything with perfection, passion, love, and feelings, and all these traits are visible in her art to make it distinct and one-of-a-kind.